After Dark Clean With Me | Complete Disaster

I’ve been under the weather and couldn’t clean as I wanted too so I told myself I would tackle this mess after everyone is in bed and I will see my progress and not feel like I’m cleaning for nothing. Guess my kids decided to have a party and this is the aftermath of their party.


After Dark Clean With Me | Stress Edition

Have you ever stressed cleaned? I do this all the time. When I have a bad day cleaning always calm me down and I get to enjoy a clean house. Today I had a bad day and decided to take it out on my home. I could not sleep at all so I woke up and tackle this complete disaster of a mess


How To Organize A Small Pantry

When we moved into this condo I was so upset that our pantry was this weird shaped. I searched and searched YouTube to find some inspiration and also Pinterest. I knew it was something I could achieve. I went to so many places to get some bins and containers for the pantry. I purchased everything from Burlington, Marshalls, ross, and dollar tree.