DIY Tufted Headboard


Over the past two years I have talked about building a tufted headboard with my husband. He told me that we would do it, but we never got around to it. While visiting my mother in the states I got all the supplies I would need. Once arriving back in Japan I received all of my bedroom decor and I couldn’t wait to make it. So the day of our anniversary my husband told me to lay everything out. It was the best gift ever. Long story short, we did an awesome job and I hope you enjoy this DIY.


We used our old headboard because we didn’t want to go through the hassle of cutting the wood or messing anything up ha-ha. I’m known for taking the wrong measurements. We’ve had this headboard for over 3 years, so It was time for an upgrade.


( Mattress topper queen/twin size, Button maker, Crafting knife, Washers & Screws, Drill/Hammer, Black suede fabric, Spray adhesive, Glue gun , and Ruler, )

For our supplies we used mattress toppers instead of foam. For one, they were a lot cheaper and on sale at our local box. I’m an easy type of person if I can find a quicker way to do it I will. So instead of using an upholstery needle we used screws instead.


We followed this tutorial here . First, we sprayed our headboard down with adhesive, then placed the mattress toppers on top. After we finished, I told my husband how many rows I wanted and he drew the lines on the topper. Coming up with how many buttons I wanted was a task. I’m never good with making up my mind. Then we measured 13 inches from the middle button on the top and the last line, and on the middle line we measured 13 inches from the beginning. Once I got all that in place I took the scissors and cut into the toppers on each dot. I forgot to add batting so if you are making one please do so.


I laid the fabric on top and felt for the holes to put a small hole in the fabric so it wouldn’t be hard to drill. It was difficult to drill the screws in so we tired a hammer and it was smooth sailing after that. The fabric tufted on it’s on so I didn’t have to pull anything. I thought all of the hard work was over until I start to make the buttons. My hands still hurt from making them. I placed each button on with hot glue it just seems so much easier than using a needle. Here is the finish product my husband and I love this headboard, it makes our room look more elegant.

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  1. 5.23.15
    Unknown said:

    Beautiful! Nice job and great post!

    Just Gigi // Fashion + Life

  2. 5.24.15
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank You <3