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Hello Beauties!!! I think it is time to share this wonderful news with my blog family. We’re Pregnant with baby #2. I have been talking about this with my husband for the past year, but he always tells me “we need to wait”. I was so ready to get my family out of the way because I grew up with older brothers and we are 6 years apart. I would like Tristan and his sibling to interact with one another. I did not want him growing up by his lonesome.

About three months ago, my husband and I had a long talk and he told me he was ready for another little one. I was super excited I could not keep the news to myself so I shared it with my family and friends. I think when you are planning to have a baby it does not go the way you plan. I took pregnancy test back to back and no luck. I got super upset and started to get all the symptoms of my last pregnancy. I thought it was just my mind and did not even think about taking a test. Until one day I was talking with my best friend and I was telling her about all my crazy craving, headaches, and just being so tired. She told me to take a test, but I was scared ha-ha. (I did not want to look at the test and it says negative) I waited for my husband to get home to take a test. I was shaking and so nervous watching the results.

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My husband and his mother were in the front and I started to scream. They both was asking me what was wrong I was too happy to answer. I showed my husband the test and his facial expression made my day. My family and friends are so excited and can not wait to meet baby #2. Everyone is hoping for a little princess and I am too. I think Tristan is just happy he is going to have a playmate. He is always poking my stomach or giving him/her kisses. Maybe he is just enjoying my belly I am sure it is going to be a different story once he/she arrives ha-ha.

I’m currently 17 weeks and will be starting my weekly updates soon. To get you all caught up I will give you all the information from week 6-16.

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6-8 weeks: We found out around 6 weeks and I believe all of the excitement phased out every symptom because I did not notice any at all. Energy was something that went away. It was hard adjusting to being pregnant and having a hyper 1 year old. My son was not hearing three naps a day. I craved mashed potatoes and cheese. I could eat these two items together and separate all day. Pre-pregnancy weight was 103lbs and I did not gain any weight at all.

10-12 weeks: I forgot all about the sickness being pregnant. I just knew this time around I would not be sick like I was with Tristan. Boy, did that slap me in the face. It came on and it came hard. I could not keep anything down. My Tater (That is baby #2 belly name lol) did not like meat or home cooked meals. Every time my husband or I cooked it did not last with me instead I ate Chili’s and 7-Eleven all the time. At 12 weeks I had my first doctor’s appointment and it went well. I weighed 105lbs which means I gain 3 lbs. Gaining weight for me is a must I want to gain weight. I got to see my little one and instantly I was like it is a girl why? Heart rate was 170-180 everyone knows the old wives’ tale states that the higher the heart rate it is a girl.

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12-14 weeks: Why can’t I just sleep?? During this time I was so tired and upset I was still sick. I did not want to do anything, just lay in bed and watch Pretty Little Liars, but of course my son was like “Oh no mom lets play.” So my attitude got real and horrible during this time. I felt myself being the mean pregnant woman I told myself I would never be. I was so ready for the pregnancy to be over and it just started. I guess you can say 12-14 weeks was my own pity party.

16 weeks: FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!! I am addicted to all foods, but craving wise, I would say cheese cake now. We took a trip to another base and I got 3 slices talking about a pregnant girls dream. At this stage in my pregnancy it is so fun and relaxing. I’m not that tired and I gain all of my energy back. My son is starting to realize my tummy is there and he cannot be as rough as before. It’s so cute to see him poke it and give Tater kisses. At 16 weeks and 5 days I had another doctors appointment I weighed in at 108lbs so still not gaining like I was with Tristan pretty nervous he/she may be small. This is where I got all the test done for birth defects and also schedule the gender ultrasound. October 5th is when we find out what Tater is oh I cannot wait. I would love a little girl, but also enjoy another mama’s boy. All in all I can say this pregnancy is smooth sailing. It is totally different from my first and I get to share the journey with my blog family <3

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  1. 9.13.15
    Kendra C said:

    Congratulations!!! I'm not sure how exactly I found your blog but I'm 99% sure we are stations at the same base and use the same photographer (Veronica ellerman) lol anyways it's so awesome that you guys are expecting number 2 and that I can follow. We are expecting number 2 also but we haven't announced officially yet on Facebook, Instagram or the blog. We are 13 weeks though so I'm a month behind and following when you find stuff out because I know I'm not far behind lol

  2. 9.14.15
    Laidee Tam said:

    Hello Kendra

    I'm now following you on Instagram so maybe sometime we can hang out or get lunch. Congrats on your new edition. Will you do blog updates? If so I would love to read and follow your story. I think the second time around it is so different that you enjoy ever step. I would love to network with you and even do collabs Thanks for the comment <3

  3. 9.14.15
    Lou Martin said:

    Awww congratulations! Such beautiful photos!

  4. 9.15.15
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank you <3