Day Two: Fashion Week Tokyo


Hello My Beauties !!!! I got to attend day two of Fashion Week Tokyo and I had so much fun. After being invited three years straight and not going. I knew this year would be my year ha-ha. I was so confused as what I should and should not wear. I know being preggo it was going to be very hard for me to wear heels. So I went extra cute and comfy. Once I got on the train I wanted to snap a few pictures. So, I looked inside my camera and noticed I forgot my memory card, but one of my friends came to the rescue. I think I was just too excited and forgot the most important thing.

It felt so unreal once I received my badge (yes, I am important I got a badge lol). It’s nice to network with other fashion heads and bloggers. I met so many great people today and I am so ready for tomorrow. I got to attend two shows byU and Keita Maruyama. Both shows were breathe taking I thought I would only see a runway on TV. Seeing it in action is so much better.

byU was the first show and the designer is Hiroki Uemura. Today he featured his Spring/Summer collection and I loved it. Pink, ruffles, and lace is just a few words to sum up his designs. If you are a true girly girl at heart you would go crazy.




Keita Maruyama was the second show and the designer is Keita Maruyama. KM was more my style I enjoyed all of his designs. He is not afraid to play with colors, textures, and patterns. Everything was placed so well together.

1 (1).jpg







Street Style I Loved <3


Shibuya is so pretty I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures from the 9th floor of the building

24 (1).jpg


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