23 Weeks Update + Gender/Name Reveal


Today makes 23 weeks and 1 day I am officially over the halfway mark. I must say this is going way faster the second time around. I still do not feel like I am pregnant because this pregnancy is so smooth. I do not get sick and can eat whatever I want. Well, not everything because I would love some American Chinese food, Captain D’s, and Zaxby’s right now.

I’m unsure about my weight because I’m scared to check it but I need to. There has only been one doctor visit since my last update. The gender ultrasound and everything turned out pretty good beside his weight and due date did not match. The new due date is Feb. 23rd. If you are a part of my blog family you know this is my family’s lucky number.

I have two appointments this week and I promise next week I have another update. I know, I know I’m horrible at updates and late for revealing the news but We are having a…. BOY!! Yes, another mama’s boy and I am ready to meet him. The doctor told us in such a cute way I couldn’t help but laugh. He asked us did we already have names picked out. At the time My husband and I sort of agreed on Taira and Tyson. So, He waited for a little while and said “Tristan is going to get mad when Tyson steals all his toys.” Is that the cutest thing or what? My husband’s face lit up and I could see the victory all over his face.

The car ride back home he warned me about all the horrible things they will do to me throughout the years. I cannot say I was not a little upset that Baby C is not a girl. My family and friends were all shocked because my pregnancy was totally different this time. Everyone just knew it was going to be a girl beside my granny, husband, and me. Ha-ha, yes me, I just know how my luck is set up it was not going to be a girl. I really want that bond mothers and daughters have. All of my best friends have girls and they get to do all these fun things with them like shop, play dress up, and just talk girly stuff. I will be surrounded by dirt, superheroes, and a toilet seat left up ha-ha. But I would not have it any other way. The bond I share with Tristan is amazing, so I know once Baby C arrives he will fit right in.

If your husband is anything like mines he is very difficult. Naming Tristan was the most stressful thing ever. We both have different taste when it comes to names. He is very simple and I am complex. Meaning I like the out of the box type of names something simple but unique. We spent almost two weeks after finding out the sex on a name. I came up with Anthony Semaj Shelly …. but as you can see his initials would have been A-S-S. Talking about great parenting right? He was stuck on Tyson Shelly and I am sorry I dislike that name it just did not sit well with me.

We both sat down at the table and he called the names out he liked and I wrote down the ones we agreed on. The last names standing where “Gabrielle Dylan Shelly” and “Caleb Stefan Shelly.” If you noticed throughout this post I have been calling him Baby C. Caleb Stefan Shelly stole our hearts I have to give it to my husband he did a great job. Revealing this to my family and friends came with some silly/weird comments. One stated ” Sound like a movie star.”  “I can see him at Morehouse.” and “They better not call him Steve Urkle”. It is never a dull moment with friends and family.

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  1. 10.28.15
    Miss Twiggy said:

    You are lovely pregnant lady… wishing you and your baby all the best…
    Oh how I miss days when I was pregnant…

  2. 10.30.15
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank you so much <3