Decorate With Me: Christmas Tree | Winter Wonderland


When it comes to decorating for Christmas I get super excited and plan everything ahead of time. This year I went with a winter wonderland theme. I had a ball getting everything together. Today I will be working on the Christmas tree. I ditched my old white tree and got a flocked one. These are so popular this year and IDK why I’ve never purchased one before.


I got this one on sale at AtHome for just $89 it was the last one so I think it was meant to be. I also picked up some home decor but you will have to catch that later when I decorate the rest of my living area. I had no idea how messy this tear was but the flock-stuff was everywhere. My little one had run picking it off and telling me it tastes yummy ( the joy of being a boy mom).

If you’re more of a visual person you can check out the video here on my YouTube Channel:

Starting out I fluffed it until I couldn’t anymore and begin to decorate. I used my triangle rule-of-thumb when placing the ornaments on the tree. Along with the ornaments I was also being a daredevil and also picked up on stems, picks, and flowers. I have never used these before to decorate my tree. AND GEESH where have I been. They really made my tree pop.


Another element that put the icing or should I say snow on the tree haha was the DIY faux fur garland. I achieved this look by using dusters from Dollar Tree. Yes, you hear me right dusters they came with two in the pack. I couldn’t find any that I like so I made my own.


My vision for this tree was to make it look as luxurious as possible. I think I achieved that what do you think?