Caleb Stefan: One Month


Hello, Beauties, I know, I know I am late once again, but it’s better late than never right. With my mom being here and then the next week was fashion week. I did not have time to write a post or even take pictures. Caleb is a month old. (well, past a month, but you get the picture ha-ha) I just can not believe the time is flying by so fast and he is not making it any better. I knew once he got here I would be able to enjoy this little baby who just lay there and sleep… No ma’am Caleb had other plans in mind.

Brace yourself for the long list of what he can do and only a month old. Hold his head up, rollover, follow objects with his eyes and, push up, coo, and I believe he can crawl Ha-ha. If you do not believe me, ask my friends, they will tell you this kid is not a baby. I am super sad because he is the last baby (at least that is what my husband says) and I want to soak in all this baby time.


Everyone tells me it is the second kid syndrome and others tell me he is moving out of the way for another kid. Either way, I wish he would just stay little. He is the most precious thing ever and has the prettiest eyes. I keep telling my husband that they are gray and sometimes green, but he only sees brown ha-ha. I have no idea if they are going to stay this color or change. My dad’s eyes change colors, so maybe he passed that along to his grandson.

  • Weight: 12lbs and 4oz.

  • Length: 20 in.

  • Favorite Food: Boob Juice, Of course

  • Favorite Toy: Do not have one yet

  • What makes him happy: Sleeping & Eating

  • What makes him sad: Changing his diaper & Taking a bathe

This one month journey with him has been a roller coaster. At first, he did not cry, he would just squeal when anything is wrong. Now, he is in full-blown crying ha-ha and it is the cutest. I know I am not the only one who thinks when new babies cry it is cute. I can say he still just cry when he wants something which is brand new to me because Tristan cried 24/7 and we’re always glued to me. Caleb seems like he is going to be the quiet one more like his dad. At least that is what I am hoping for Ha-ha because I can not take two of Tristan.


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