Tristan Got A Makeover At 11 Months


A bittersweet day Why? Because my son got his 1st haircut and he is officially one month away from being a big boy. I guess my husband woke up and was like “Okay today I’m going to cut my son’s hair.” I cried seeing all his hair on the floor. I was against cutting his hair because it’s what I thought made him ‘him’. I was wrong, seeing that bright smile and those chubby cheeks changed my mind.

He now looks like a little man. I didn’t know so much personality could fit into someone so small. He isn’t afraid to give you an ear full of his baby talk when he is mad or happy. I’ve been trying to expand his vocabulary but he is sticking to bye-bye, da-da, ma-ma, and no. We have been working on walking and he is getting the hang of it. He walks really well. He just thinks running would be so much better lol, so he falls every three steps. I hope he is walking before his first birthday party.


Planning his 1st birthday is driving me crazy. We are going to have a “Tribal Birthday Party”.  I’m currently addicted to triangles, teepees, and Aztec patterns. So if you put all of that into one, you’ll have a nice “Pow Wow Indian Birthday.” I can not wait to put it all together. I know he is going to enjoy himself. I just don’t think my husband and I are quite ready for his sugar high.

Weighs: 20lbs Height: 30in

Favorite Movie

  • Turbo

Favorite Foods

  • Mac& Cheese

  • Yogurt

  • Waffles

Favorite Songs

  • Baby Shark

  • Pills N Potion ( lol I know right)

  • If Happy and You Know It


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  1. 8.29.14
    Lou Martin said:

    Aww he is such a handsome lil fella!

  2. 9.14.14
    Kristina said:

    Hi dear,

    such a cute baby, so precious 🙂
    I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a completely new website, check it out here:
    and let me know what you think!
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    Looking forward seeing you on my blog again!

  3. 9.25.14
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank You <3

  4. 9.25.14
    Laidee Tam said:


    I will check it out and make sure I follow you on the rest of your social media good luck with the new site. <3