Stripe Sunny Day


Outfit Details: 1. Pants: H&M 2. Shirt: Seiyu : 3. Shoes: Converse

It was a sunny day here so my little family went out on the town. First, we stopped at the local thrift store to grab some goodies I just could not pass up $5 grab bags. Everything I could fit into my bag for just $5 yes ma’am. After a little shopping, we got lunch with our friends. We also got to take Tristan to the park.

He enjoyed playing baseball with Daddy and running all over the place. He is afraid of the slides smh. I have no idea why. To end the day we did a little shopping for Tristan’s room. I have no idea when I’ll finish but I’m so ready … (Seriously) I have to say that this was a Stripe Sunny Day.

12 (1).png




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