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Good Day Beauties I know once again, I’ve gone MIA, but It was for the good. I’ve been trying to re-find myself and figure out what I really want to do in life. Everyone knows when you become a wife and mother your life gets put on hold to take care of your family. Your “To-Do list” goes on and on but you’re not on it. I was having trouble focusing on what I wanted in life and began to question do I love blogging and fashion. Then would I even have time to juggle this title, along with the rest I’m taking on?

Being a woman you know you change your mind so much that you barely know what you really want. So you begin to question everything you have ever done or going to do. Over the past few months, I’ve been going back and forth to figure out if is this what I want. I felt like I was once again giving up on something I’d been dreaming about for years. Ever since I could remember I’ve been into anything fashion/beauty related. I told myself that I couldn’t let this slip away like everything else.

Another problem I was facing with blogging was the content I post about. Laidee Tam has always been about fashion/beauty and being that I am a mom. My days no longer consist of fashion shows, Project Runway, and make-up. Ha-ha, It’s more like Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and potty training. It is hard to post about something you no longer know about, but there are so many lifestyle blogs that would make mine different. I spent three weeks looking at other fashion/lifestyle blogs and fell in love with each family. Then I begin to ask myself Why are you overthinking this? Why can’t I just have a fashion/lifestyle blog also?

  So, I started on my blogger plan which includes: a new look, logo, content, and outlook. I’ve been searching all over for graphic designers and web developers to put my vision together. I believe they did an awesome job being that I’m a perfectionist it wasn’t easy. Once I received the logo and template I know I could no longer think and write about my plan. It was time to get back to my home. A place where I can share my crazy family stories, fashion trends, and beauty tips.

DID YOU MISS ME? Because I’m back and this time I don’t think I’ll take a break unless I’m sick ha-ha. I’m going to start off by changing up the content of my blog, You will get to know my family better and also see more of my little guy. I will not stop posting about fashion/beauty they’ll just be a little bit more family and mommy stuff. Ha-ha, I know, sounds boring right…. just kidding. I’m pretty sure I have loyal readers that are going to stick around. It’s official Laidee Tam is a Lifestyle&Fashion blog. I always say you will never go wrong with family and fashion.

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  1. 2.10.15
    Lou Martin said:

    I remember when I changed my blog from just product reviews to lifestyle and it made blogging much more easier for me because I can pretty much blog about anything. Also, sharing my daughters on my blog and sharing more of me my readers felt more of a connection.

  2. 2.11.15
    Laidee Tam said:

    It's the best thing I've done. It's hard to focus on being a mother and keeping up with the latest fashion or reviewing products. Once you become a mother your time is limited. So, what's better than being a mother and sharing it with the world lol.