Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Everyone says the second time around you gain the most weight, but it has been the total opposite for me. I don’t weigh as much as I did with Tristan. I just feel heavier I know that may sound strange ha-ha. This whole pregnancy, I knew I  would gain 50-60 lbs because with my first son I gained 40-50 lbs. I started out at 103 before this pregnancy now I’m currently at 123 and I am 28 weeks.

Everyone tells me I am going to gain the most in the end it just does not seem that way. What makes this worse is that I want to gain weight. I do not like being super skinny. My whole life I have never seen triple digits on the scale until I got pregnant and I was super happy.  Trying to keep that weight on after Tristan was a struggle but I was happy once I stopped at 103. For this pregnancy my eating habits are different. I went the healthy route this time instead of the “I’m eating for two.” This is playing a big part in my weight gain because I laid off McDonald, Burger King, chips, candy, and my weakness Fanta Melons. Instead, I’m eating more fruits and veggies. The weirdest thing is that I hate chocolate and Fanta Melon does not even taste the same.

Not having a scale in my house was only because I knew I would go crazy trying to get over 96 lbs. But with this pregnancy, I knew it would not hurt to track my weight. So, once I was contacted by Ozeri Products to do a review on their products I knew it was a must, I got there 

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale. I am a sucker for technology and the modern look. I have never owned a touch screen scale, but then again, it has been a while since I have owned a scale. I received my scale a few days ago and I have been playing with it since. I love the fact that it is not your ordinary scale. You can program your own memory profile. First, you pick your profile number and then you select your gender, height, and age. This is so cool. After setting up your profile it tells you your weight and then it gives you a detailed reading of your body fat, hydration, muscle, and bone mass. My husband fell in love with this scale once he got the okay he is not fat ha-ha. Being that my husband and I are trying this healthy lifestyle we know this scale is going to become our best friend. If you would like to know more about this scale or purchase it here goes the link  Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale

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