33 Weeks Update

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Hello Beauties !!! I am finally in my last trimester and I was not ready for this. All of my old symptoms are coming back. I get sick every night at the same time, so it is no need to eat dinner. (but I eat late-night snacks ha-ha) I also sweat a lot OMG yuck, I know but I am always hot. I feel like Caleb is giving me all the signs that he will arrive early. I have had two scares since my last update. The contractions came out of nowhere and it lasted for quite a while. I put myself on bed rest and been okay since then.

Once I enter the third trimester with Tristan I got all of these symptoms and at 32 weeks I went into labor. I really hope Caleb waits for his GiGi and also so I can finish his nursery. Plus, it would be great if he is born on the 23rd that is our lucky number, but knowing my luck it will not happen like that. Besides being sick at night and always hot everything else is going great. I am gaining weight at 28 weeks I was 125 now I am 132. Which means Tater is getting big. I can not wait to meet him I have been having dreams about him, but I never get to see his face. My husband said this time around we don’t need to go get a 3D/4D scan, let’s be surprised but I want to see his features. After a week of debating, I thought about it and my husband is right we can wait. We only have 7 more weeks and he will be here my mini family and I can not wait

I notice I didn’t share any ultrasound photos with you guys so I will.

( N/L = Nose and Lips It looks like he gets his lips from mommy ha-ha)


( Heart Rate )

Everyone is asking me about my baby shower and I can honestly say this time around I am not on top of my game. I know I will have a shower once my mother arrives. So, Caleb will be here for his own shower ha-ha. It will be a nice Sip N’ See I have never been to one, but I am sure my besties will get everything together for me. Once I know the details I will share it with you all.

I did not want to do a baby registry this time around because I want items from different stores. So, that would mean I’ll have to do a registry for each store, and that was not going down. Until I discovered Baby List. This is a company where you can create one registry and it does not matter what online store it comes from. You can also add other stuff you may need like cleaning, home-cooked meals, or used baby items. Living overseas it is very hard to find any company that ships here or if they do, it may take up to a month. With this website, your family and friends will be shopping from the actual online store. So, they will not miss out on the free shipping or any deals the store is offering. I am a very tech person so once I realized they had an App I went crazy. I was so happy knowing I could add all of Caleb’s goodies to one list. Everyone always goes to the usual places for their registry such as Target, Babies R Us, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and etc. I am that mom that loves the out of ordinary items and those places couldn’t provide that for me. So I go to Etsy, this place is heaven. I enjoy supporting small shops not to mention they have the cutest stuff ever. If you would like to check out my registry click here.

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  1. 1.4.16
    Mom Bloggers Club said:

    What a wonderful post. Congratulations! Happy 2016.

  2. 1.6.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank You =)

  3. 1.8.16
    Unknown said:

    Congratulations on baby number 2! I look forward to following your journey, especially knowing that we're both in Japan. It will be so fun having your mother in town! A Sip N' See sounds like a fun idea and it's something a little different.

    All the Best,
    Allison | http://www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com