35 Weeks Update

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Hello, Beauties !! I am finally in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and I can not wait for him to arrive. It seems like towards the end time goes by slower because you’re so anxious to meet your little one. I am in the full-blown nesting stage. My house has to be spotless and every time I clean I feel so happy inside ha-ha. I did not include any information about my doctor’s visit in my last update, and I have no idea why.

Sorry, but at 32 weeks appointment, my doctor told me I had all the symptoms of pre-term labor. Therefore, he said it would be best to check my cervix, but it was closed. After the visit, my pains got worse and the pressure was unbearable. I thought it was just me so I took the pain until everyone told me to go.


I went to labor and delivery to make sure everything was okay. Once I got hooked up to the machine we waited for a little while to track my contractions. An hour passed and they got intense and frequent. My doctor checked me again and sure enough, this little guy was making way. I was 2 CM dilated. I looked at my husband and said “Oh Man.” I stayed there a little while to be checked again, but no progress. Since he wants to play hide and seek I was placed on bed rest until I deliver.  I don’t know if it is just my body, but I dilate way ahead of time. To some people that may be a good thing, but to me that is horrible. Why? Because you are in labor until 10cm. Being 33 weeks and already 2 CM I prepared myself for the next few weeks of hell. I could not believe I was going through this all over again. 2 weeks later and I am taking it a day at a time. I am trying my hardest to take it like a “G” or “Champ”  however you would like to say it. While I really want to be a big baby and cry ha-ha.

My mom arrives on Feb 20th and I can not wait for her to get here. Another reason why I am taking this pain because I do not want to be told I’m dilating more, and my mom misses the birth. She was not here for Tristan and I would love for her to be here for Caleb. I tell him all the time to wait for his GiGi so we shall see if he listens. After talking to my mom, I decided not to have a baby shower/sip n’ see. Why? 1. I do not want a lot of people around him 2. I did not think about my recovery time. After birth, I know all my moms can agree you do not feel the same. It takes some for you to feel like yourself again. So it would be best to just cancel it and enjoy my mother while she is here. I do have a registry and anyone who was going to attend or couldn’t attend would like to get something for Caleb you can go here to check everything out.

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  1. 1.28.16
    Unknown said:

    Love this post, keep going with the updates. Its actually quite interesting!

    Stop by at http://www.any-xcuse.com and let me know what you think x

  2. 1.28.16
    misselisak said:

    Aww! You are so pretty and glowing. Fly mommy!