My Maternity Session


Hello, Beauties !! I know it’s been ages, but I have been super busy with my family. I told myself that I would prepare a lot of content before my little one arrives but he surprised us and arrived early. I will make sure I post the birth story, but enough about that let’s talk about my amazing experience with Ginamarie photography.

I was on Facebook one day and came across a post of a photographer looking for a model to do some maternity session. I was 34 weeks pregnant and only had one photo session this pregnancy, it was time to take more. If you know me, you know I love taking pictures ha-ha. I messaged her and we went over everything and pick dates for the shoots. I talked my husband’s ear off about her vision and how I can not believe I am going to be apart of it. I practice in the mirror on my facial expression and poses. Ha-Ha, what? you never do that before you take a selfie. But seriously, it is because my husband told me I look mean and weird when I stare into the camera. So, I did not want her to look at me like “Oh gee, this woman is not what I was looking for.” 

The day came of the first photoshoot and I could not wait. I knew I would have to pose in the snow, but this mama did not care. I bundled up and was ready to rock.  IT WAS COLD!! The snow did not bother me at all, but the wind was very distressful. I felt like I was a princess in an enchanted forest. During the shoot, I got to see sneak peeks, and could not wait to see the rest. She did an amazing job.






When I was pregnant with Tristan I wanted to do a boudoir shoot so bad but could not find the right photographer. I wanted it to be tasteful but sexy. I talked about it with my husband, but it never happens. Once she told me about her ideas for a pregnancy boudoir shoot I could not pass up the opportunity. Everyone knows being pregnant you are not happy with your body, but this time around everything was different for me. I embrace every pound I gain and enjoyed the glow. During the photoshoot, I knew I was doing a horrible job at trying to look sexy ha-ha. She told me I was doing great, but I did not believe it until I saw the finished product. Oh, my gee I am in love with these pictures and can not wait to get them on canvas for our next home.







The photographer who is responsible for these breathtaking photos name is Gina She is a wonderful person and very passionate about her work. If you are in Japan she is the person you should contact to capture your priceless moments

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  1. 2.16.16
    Unknown said:

    You look gorgeous! I wish I could have taken more maternity pics as I started to feel sexier – definitely taking notes for next time!

  2. 2.18.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank you =)