Labor and Delivery Story ( Baby #2 )

Good Day Beauties how have you been? I have been doing pretty well. Enjoying the company of my mom and getting used to being a mother of two. It has been four weeks since giving birth to my little one and I think it is time to share the story. It is very long. so once again grab your coffee, tea, or water and I hope you enjoy it.

February 9th around 8:30 I begin to have mild contractions but did not think that much about them. Why? Because for the past 4 weeks I have been having contractions, but they were irregular and I just thought these would be the same. My husband told me to start tracking them. I did not listen at all and because I did not want to go to labor and delivery and be sent home.

I had already been up there four times ( *shakes my head*) the struggle was real. Instead of tracking my contractions I jammed to some Spotify and surfed the web. Once 10:30 rolled around I was in so much pain I could not sit down or close my legs. (I know too much information right ha-ha) Instead of waking up my husband, I went to drink some water and laid down to go to sleep. Well, I tried to sleep instead I woke up every 5-10 minutes looking at the clock trying to focus on my breathing. After an hour or so passed, I woke up my husband and told him I could not take this. He begins to rub my back to help me through the contractions

. A couple of minutes passed and I noticed that he stopped. My husband was sleep ha-ha I did not have the energy to get angry so I Facetime my mom to comfort me. Once she got on the phone I was having an intense contraction and begin to cry. She knew it was time for me to go in because over the past four weeks I did not cry one time. She kept telling me to go wake up my husband, but I did not want to. He was supposed to wake up early this next morning, and I wanted him to be well-rested. I got off the phone with her and went to bed again. (I know hardheaded)

An hour or so passed before I woke up my husband and little one. Tristan was the sweetest ever he gave me extra hugs and kisses to help me feel better. Once arriving at the hospital they asked tons of questions before I got checked and the contractions were getting worse. My husband was wonderful he would hold my hand while I try my hardest to get through each contraction.

Once the nurse checked me I was 4cm. She told me it was time to change rooms and prepare for delivery. Thinking to myself once again. my mom is not here to help me or attend the birth of her grandson. I was trying my hardest not to get upset or show any type of weakness. Once we changed rooms and I got all settled in I had to wait an hour until I got my epidural. (I have no idea if it is like this in the states, but here they have to get your blood and send it to the lab. Before you get the meds) While waiting for it, I receive some pain medicine, and boy I did not like the way it made me feel. Plus on top of feeling high, it made me itch, and I had to move from my right side to my left side often to make sure that Caleb’s heart rate would not get lower than 130.

I wish I would have just taken the pain, but the wait was going to be very long and I was already 6 cm. Once the nurse came in and told me it was time to get the epidural I felt relieved. I was already at 7 cm and the contractions were 3 minutes apart and lasted about a minute. I had no idea how I would be able to stay still so the doctor could give it to me. With the help of my husband, I took everything like a champ at-least I think so. Once I could relax and try to get to sleep it did not last long because I begin to feel pressure and mild contractions. The nurse came in 30 minutes later to check me and I was already 9cm.

I could not believe my water did not break. I was hoping it would break and I could act like I was in the movie and say the famous line “I think my water just broke” Ha-ha. The doctor and my nurse broke my water and it was smooth sailing from there. Well kind of, being that we are on a military base, we only have 3 OBG-YN’s and 1,000 pregnant women ( not really, but you get the picture) There was also another woman next door to me in active labor. The nurses told me it was a race to see who goes into labor, first. So being that it was two women in labor we both had to wait.

The pressure I felt was unbearable, I kept telling my husband, my epidural was not working but he did not believe me. The anesthesiologist came in twice to up my dose, but I think it was too late because a few minutes later the pressure got worse and my little one was ready to arrive. I told my husband to go get my nurse and doctor because it was time to push, but he did not listen to me. After the third time telling him I became angry and told him if he did not go get them I was going to scream so he went ha-ha.

Once my nurse came in to check me she told me she could feel his head so to give her one good push to see if it was time to get my doctor. I pushed with all my might and she told me to wait while she goes get my doctor. Once she came in she begins to get everything ready while I was pushing. Before she got everything on and together Caleb was here. I was amazed at how I only pushed 3 times and I heard him cry.

Then they placed him on my chest and tears rolled down my face. His little fingers wrapped around mines and I enjoyed every moment of it. Finally, I got to see this little boy that I have been dreaming about for the past 9 months. He was perfect in every way and I could not wait to take on motherhood once again.

caleb (1).jpg

If you have been following my pregnancy journey , you know that my family went through a lot this pregnancy. Caleb is our little miracle. Everything that was visible on the ultrasound must have gone away because everything is normal now. He got an ultrasound three days after being born and they gave us the official okay that it was his gallbladder and he is just fine. I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and gifts. We are finally complete <3

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  1. 3.10.16
    Anonymous said:

    congrats on your little one.

  2. 3.10.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank you =)

  3. 3.10.16
    Jamandteablog said:

    Congratulations on being a mother of two! Lol. No one likes being sent home from the hospital!

  4. 3.14.16
    audreycanblog said:

    Haven't been blessed yet, but I always love reading pregnancy/birth stories so I can TRY to live vicariously through them. LOL Caleb is such a little love nugget!! Congrats on the newest addition to your family!! 🙂

  5. 3.21.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank You =)

  6. 3.21.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Oh one day you will, and thank you so much =)