Day One: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16

Hello, Beauties <3  This week is fashion week here in Tokyo and I am blessed to be attending again this season. Last season I was on pin and needles to see each and every show, but I was so unprepared. I was pregnant and pushed myself to the point where I only got to attend two days because I was sore in bed. (please mom do not read this) This year I feel like I am prepared and can dress the way I want to Ha-ha.

Also, this year I decided to do something different, vlog. My husband got me a new camera so, I am putting it to good use. I have been telling myself over and over to start a YouTube channel, except the way my OCD is set up everything has to be perfect. I have to have the best lighting, camera, editing software, and the time to produce content. One thing I knew this year I would not let my OCD or fear get in the way of something I want to do. So, you finally get to see my first video soon once I edit it. In no way, shape, or form I am great at this. You will have to bear with me, and if you have any pointers please let me know.

Any-who back to fashion week so far everything is going good besides leaving my little one. Every time I leave I feel empty because he is only a month old and I am already leaving him. Sometimes you have to put yourself first and think about your dreams, and attending fashion week is one of them. I did not get any invites during the day.

Monday night. Keita Maruyama is the name of the brand and his show is the best show I have seen so far. I know it is only the first day and the only show I have seen …., But let me explain, I know attending fashion shows you’re really are not looking for pieces to wear every day. Being that I am not a celebrity or super-rich I look for pieces I could see myself wearing on a day to day basis.

 Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

Keita Maruyama A/W Collection fits right into the category. What makes this brand even better he collab with the beautiful Gwen Stefani. Plus on top of that, I got to sit behind her *jaw drops*. I could not believe I was actually sitting behind her. She is the sweetest person ever and her style is amazing. I know everyone remembers her hit song “Holla Back Girl.” If you do not, clearly you are not a human and should exit my blog Ha-ha.

To get to the point the outfits you see in that video are the true look of Harajuku Girls. Once the first girl stepped onto the runway I knew It was going to be a stunning show. I love this designer because he was not afraid to play with colors, patterns, and textures. You can tell Gwen’s personality was shining through each piece Being that I had a new camera I was getting used to it and also trying to figure out the setting I did not get any good pictures. I know super sad right, but I did get some nice footage on my camera and will be editing it soon so you can see. Until then I will share some of my favorite looks with you all.

 Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

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