Day Two: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16


Good Day Beauties =) It is day two of Tokyo fashion week and I got an invitation to all fashion shows today. It felt great to actually wake up early and head to Shibuya for the shows. All of my adult life I have seen myself working in the fashion industry. Ladiee Tam was made just so I would not lose focus of my dreams. Fashion week is opening me up to many more opportunities. Divka , Nguyen Con Tri, and Hanae Mori manuscrit are the name of the brands from today’s runway shows.

I was too late to attend Divka show, but I did attend the last two. I was so upset that I did not get to attend because I really enjoyed their show last season. I did get to watch their show on the screen outside and can say their A/W collection is still for the minimalist (me.) I did not stay and watch all of it because the Nguyen Con Tri show was about to start so I headed to the next hall to be seated.


Nguyen Con Tri is the first show I got to attend. His collection told a story. I loved the fact that before the show he showed a video of the process of clothes being made in Vietnam. Step by step from how the fabric is made to it being cut, then how each piece of his collection came together.


What I like most about his collections were the headpieces. They looked crocheted together made from some type of thick yarn. Another thing I loved about his garments were the colors. mustard and burgundy are great colors for the fall and winter. He kept it very trendy with suede, crochet, and fringe. Each trend spoke volumes in most of his collection. All of those trends have been pretty popular for the past 2 years.

Being that I was sitting in an awkward position I did not get to see the details of each piece.  To me, all of the black pieces were looking the same until, after the show. my friend showed some of her photos. Each item had different details and looked amazing. Out of all the shows I have seen so far, his show spoke to me more. It was not just about fashion I enjoyed the video in the beginning. I am a sucker for nice clothes. but I also enjoy the story behind the clothing. Here go some of my favorite looks.




Hanae Mori manuscrit is the last show I got to attend that day. I was so tired by this show and it came out of nowhere. I just knew I would be okay with 3 hours of sleep Ha-ha. No, ma’am, I was closing my eyes while waiting for the show. Once the show started, I was wide awake and ready to be blown away. Yu Amatsu is the name of the designer and he has a thing for deep colors. I thought his color palette was strictly cranberry, deep teal, black, and gray. Until. I saw the last few models in this flamboyant butterfly pattern. To me what gave his collection that extra umph was the structure of his clothing. He had everything from wide-leg pants to sweetheart necklines. Your eyes would wander from all of the illusions in each piece. I was sitting far away from the runway and all of my photos were bright. So I will share some photos from the site.

 Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

  Photos Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

 Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

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