Day Four: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16


Good Day Beauties <3 Day Four of Tokyo fashion week was the final day I got to attend and once again I say I am very blessed to attend this season. I did not get to attend day three because I was late, day five because my husband did not feel too well, and day six and seven because I was spending time with my family. Day four designers consist of Motohiro Tanji by Motohiro Tanji, Theatre Products by Akira Takeuchi & Miwa Morita, and In-Process by Yurika Ohara & Steven Hall. There were more shows offsite and some later that day, but I did not attend because mama got tired Ha-ha.

The first show of the day was Motohiro Tanji and his collection is one of my favorites. He took sweaters and jeans to the next level. I have never seen sweaters and jeans look like this before. The knitted sweaters each had a different design. He had everything from knitted pea-coats, shawls, and crop tops. If you are a sucker for statement pieces Motohiro Tanji is a brand for you.

Photos Above Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

I can say after this show my love for sweaters and jeans went up. I am not a big fan of jeans because of the fact they itch ( yes mom they still itch Ha-ha), but you cannot help it once you see the details of them. My pictures came out horrible because someone besides me decided it was a nice idea to stand up. I really did miss sitting in the photographer’s pit this time.

Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

Next up was Theatre Products I loved their show it is in my top 5 of this season. Why? Because of the different cultures, colors, and trends. I believe they got some of their inspiration from Africa, Alaska, and of course Japan. I love the way the model wore their hair. Everything just seems so modern to me. I could see myself wearing every piece from this collection . They had an outfit for every occasion which I love. Also, I forgot to mention they had someone playing live during the show. I have never been to a concert, but I am pretty sure the excitement is the same.



Last show I got to attend was In-Process I got to attend their show last season and covered it on my blog. (click here to check it out.) I felt very special this show because I got to sit front row. I did not even notice on my ticket it said VIP Ha-ha. First walking in you see this big dome in the middle of the runway. I begin to prepare myself for this show because I just knew it was going to be great. Once I placed my eyes on the first looks. I knew they were about to put on a great show. I love their eye for designs last year everything was full of color and patterns. This season the colors are toned down, but they were not afraid to play with patterns, and added a new friend fur. Once again this season, I think fur is going to be trending along with patterns


 Photo Credit ( Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week)

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  1. 3.30.16
    Unknown said:

    Happy to find another Japan based blogger on #MadMidWeek blog link up! Awesome photos. I almost never go into Tokyo these days, I had no idea it was fashion week!

  2. 3.31.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Hey =) thank you so much and It was last week but I am just finishing up my post Ha-ha. Shibuya fashion week is going on now I believe.

  3. 4.5.16
    Debs @ Super Busy Mum said:

    Wow. What a Fashion show to attend and what epic photos you took also! Thanks so much for linking up to the #MadMidWeek Linky! x

  4. 4.6.16
    Laidee Tam said:

    Thank You =)