My Attire For Fashion Week + Street Style

Hello, Beauties <3 This time around I got to show my style and it felt great. I like to think of myself as a fashionable person and then again to others It may be simple. But that is it I love looking simple, so my beautiful face can shine though ha-ha. No, really I find myself enjoying plain pieces. I would not say I am a true minimalist because I can not give up my statement pieces. I did not get to attend all of fashion week, but I did enjoy myself and had a blast dressing up. I really wish I got good pictures of all of my outfits, however, you will get to see them in my vlog ( will be up soon.) So to make this post somewhat lengthy I will share some street style also. I hope you enjoy it.

Day One: Sporty Dress

(sorry for the quality of this photo I only brought my cell phone the first day <3)

Day Two: Yellow + Grey

In Japan, you see true fashion they do not care if it matches or what is trendy. It is all about personal style here. Each person I took a photo of their style was distinctive. Unlike America you mainly see most people wearing what is in style. I enjoy seeing someone’s personality sparkle through their clothing. I always ask myself where did they get that or how did he/she put that together. Some of the outfits I saw I would not look chic at all. Ha-ha, it literary would look like I just woke up and said okay I don’t care today. I could not capture all of the outfits I loved, but I got quite a few.

 I got to meet her last season and she is also featured in my blog. I love her style a true minimalist

A fellow blogger you can check out her blog Style Drift 

It looks like he woke up and was ready to go, but I love it especially his shoes. Once again If I woke up and just rocked my Pj’s I will look ridiculous

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