Fashion Week


Day Four: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16

Good Day Beauties <3 Day Four of Tokyo fashion week was the final day I got to attend and once again I say I am very blessed to attend this season. I did not get to attend day three because I was late, day five because my husband did not feel too well, and day six and seven because I was spending time with my family. Day four designers consist of Motohiro Tanji by Motohiro Tanji, Theatre Products by Akira Takeuchi & Miwa Morita, and In-Process by Yurika Ohara & Steven Hall.


Day Two: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16

Good Day Beauties =) It is day two of Tokyo fashion week and I got an invitation to all fashion shows today. It felt great to actually wake up early and head to Shibuya for the shows. All of my adult life I have seen myself working in the fashion industry. Ladiee Tam was made just so I would not lose focus of my dreams. Fashion week is opening me up to many more opportunities. Divka , Nguyen Con Tri, and Hanae Mori manuscrit are the name of the brands from today's runway shows.


Day One: Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 16

Hello, Beauties <3 This week is fashion week here in Tokyo and I am blessed to be attending again this season. Last season I was on pin and needles to see each and every show, but I was so unprepared. I was pregnant and pushed myself to the point where I only got to attend two days because I was sore in bed. (please mom do not read this) This year I feel like I am prepared and can dress the way I want to Ha-ha.